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I am a dreamer and live my life with passion moving from moment to moment.

My process has always been based on connecting a line or a stroke to a thought and infusing it with color and energy. 

Through my work, I have talked about love, passion, family, friends, nature, and home.

I don’t create to influence.

I willingly confess. 

Mediums include soft chalk pastel, acrylic, mixed medium,

various types of photography and some would even say food.

They all overlap;

to the point where you can sometimes see my charcoal lines in my painting

or shapes from my photography in my drawings.

When i draw, I’m the person i want to be. 

Sarah Koehler

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Millikin University, Decatur, IL


Art: About


My first memory of drawing is when I was small.
My mom would pause a movie and we would draw whatever was captured together…
I love drawing, exploring with scribbles, being loose and expressive with watercolor,
soft chalk pastel, acrylic, mixed medium, or whatever I’m in the mood for.
I draw on impulse, have an obsession to exaggerate with color, and love to be extra playful with line. 
Keeping it loose and fun helps me connect to the side of me that is usually buried a little deeper and simply surrender. 

These birds are created for those looking to add whimsy and innocence to your space.
They are perfect for any person and space!

Art: About
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