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My name is Sarah Koehler
and I am the owner of SØSTRE SELF, LLC™.
I am a mom, wife,
daughter, friend, and sister.
I live in Baileys Harbor, WI
on the "quiet side" of Door County.
I love delicious food & a great brainstorm.
Hospitality is not only a true love of mine;
it’s how I’m wired.
In order to be all the things,I have to prioritize me.
I am SO excited to finally share my products
I have been making for years!
Thank you for being a part of something so special.

Take care of you for me.

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(søstre : so-struh) SØSTRE: Norwegian for sister


By surrounding myself with a collective of inspirational women

I found my own SELF​

and my passion for self-care evolved into products, ideas and art. 

SØSTRE SELF, LLC™ started a long time ago without me even realizing it. It's my journey in self care through food, exercise, natural products, and my art. It started over cups of coffee and tea. It started over glasses and glasses of wine. In restaurants and in kitchens. In pajamas and bridesmaid dresses. I'm lucky to have an amazing circle of strong, independent, beautiful women who I call my sisters. Who brainstorm, support, and love each other fiercly.

My story is somewhat long, but I believe vulnerability is important for healing. And so I share.
My journey started at 13 with a rare kidney disease, aggressive treatment ideas to avoid dialysis by twenty years old, second opinions, natural foods and thankfully; slow progress.
Much of my teens and twenties were spent monitoring my health in hopes it would not return, learning I wouldn’t have children and wrapping my head around organic foods to live by.

At thirty, I dealt with irritating symptoms of itchy hands and feet before bed, bumps between fingers and odd rashes that covered my entire midsection. I wanted to take the next step and learn about home products, essential oils and what we were putting on our bodies. I played with recipes, whips and creams.

In 2012, my best friend had a son who suffered from eczema. I started playing around with different formulations and casually started to research. 

In 2014, I woke with a terrible rash from my waist up to my chin and down to my finger tips.
Our family doctor didn’t have a clue and prescribed a cream. A band-aid. 

I needed more.

I made an appointment with a natural doctor on June 4, 2014. X-rays, blood tests, food allergy tests, which all pushed toward an elimination diet, supplements, and balanced hormones...No more itching, no more rashes, and … we found out on September 21, I was pregnant. 


My skin changed during pregnancy and we found ourselves fighting eczema and full body rashes because of teething and a number of other variables with our son. This is when my deep dive into research really started and when the Gentle Cream was finalized. We started using it for just about everything. My face and body cream, his diaper cream, eczema, rash relief, etc. 

I focused on ingredients that made sense for us and for others like us.
I wanted a waterless, nutrient-rich product.
Ingredients that melt into your skin and deliver incredible hydration. Natural, beautiful ingredients like shea butter, grapeseed oil and organic beeswax. These natural ingredients help retain moisture, they are loaded with antioxidants, contain high amounts of omega fatty acids and even create a protective barrier while still allowing the skin to breathe.

SØSTRE SELF™ products are all natural, no preservatives or fillers.
They are luxurious, perfectly uncomplicated and force you to slow down and take care of yourself.
This skincare routine isn't something that you check off the list at the end of the day. 
It's something you look forward to. 

Brainstorming, supporting, guiding, and sharing; together.

SØSTRE SELF, LLC™ is truly a sisterhood.

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SØSTRE SELF™ Natural Skincare

Our skincare is made from the heart and is intended for those who want a solution to finding beautiful products for multiple purposes. Made without preservatives or fillers. We use clean, pure ingredients to help nourish your skin.
They are easy, natural, and feel AMAZING!

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Millikin University, Decatur, IL
Bachelor of Fine Arts

Inspiration for my artwork comes from my surroundings in Door County and wherever I travel. I explore with scribbles and exaggerate with color. To get there I use watercolor, soft chalk pastel, acrylic, or mixed medium. I draw on impulse and love to be extra playful with line. It gives each piece a personality of its own. Keeping it loose and fun helps me stay connected to my whimsical side and simply surrender to the innocence of true play. I create from the heart and my work is intended for those who want to smile.

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