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Søstre Self RuT E E N

Søstre Self RuT E E N

Discover RuT E E N, a great skincare routine for teens by Søstre Self.

Available in travel or regular sets, with organic products for a healthy start.



Door County Creamery Tea Tree & Activated Charcoal Facial Soap (travel or full size)

Søstre Self Facial Elixir (2oz or 4oz)

Søstre Self Gentle Cream (.5oz or 1.8oz)

Søstre Self Clay Mask (one size)

Wooden Bowl

Wooden Spoon

Organic Facial Cloth



Use the Door County Creamery Tea Tree and Activated Charcoal Facial Soap with the organic face cloth to help cleanse your face.

Pat your face dry.



Shake the Facial Elixir and close your eyes. Use 4-6 sprays all over face and breathe.



Use a quarter of a pea size of the Gentle Cream and rub gently all over face and neck.

*Always start with very little and add more if your skin craves it.

(You can always use more at night to let it soak in while you sleep.)



Once a week

Wash first. Mix dry clay in bowl adding enough water to create a loose paste texture.

Apply and let sit for 10 minutes. Use facial cloth to remove and follow with Facial Elixir and Gentle Cream.

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